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We will  build you a professional & creative web design that is built only for you. Using the latest web design technologies & standards to insure your website is always up-to-date

The web has evolved a lot over the past decade, as well as the same time it hasn’t changed by any means. If we look back a decade ago we will realize that all websites had very common layout (the majority of sites). This go-to pattern was comprised of a header, footer, sidebar and content area. It was the expected layout for the net.


Now a days, with the revolutions of web technologies and the appearance of modern web standards like (HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Ajax). The web is now very different that almost every website has it’s own unique design.

DW DESIGNS EGYPT is a leading web design company in Egypt along with PEGS WEB SOLUTIONS! EGYPT. They offer a wide array of web services for all companies, and business in Egypt. The Web design industry in Egypt also has changed a lot. a lot of professional companies entered the market with a very good web solutions like web design, web development, and online marketing in Egypt.

Responsive web design is a must now, with the high usage of smartphones, and tablets. You want to reach all mobile users so your website must be mobile optimized. Don’t use heavy loading scripts that will slow down your website, and always use mobile friendly CMS. All major CMSs now are mobile friendly such as Joomla,m WordPress and Drupal.

Before going online you must do a proper market research to get the full picture about your industry. If you are a web design company you should check what technologies your competitors  using, what are the CMSs they use, What programming languages they use (i.e. PHP, MYSQL, ASP.n et, etc…)

Considering your website security, you should use a secure hosting environment. always use mod_security tools to protect you against all known attacks. Use strong login passwords for your website and emails. use a strong firewall to block any attackers ip to prevent any future attacks from them.

The last step to build a professional web site is doing a proper SEO  Make sure to only use white hat SEO. Optimizing your titles, meta tags, and having a great content is a must. Don’t use useless content, and also don’t over use your keywords.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly as this will give you a good opportunity to rank in Google.

Focus on  your UX design using the latest UX standards. always perform A/B testing to find out what will help you to convert more visitors into clients. Using some tools like CrazyEgg heatmaps to find where should you place your important content on the website, and with a help from any eye tracking software, you can optimize your website for your targeted audience.

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